• Tenant search.
  • Verification of tenant solvency.
  • Drafting and signing of the lease.
  • Establishment of a detailed inventory.
  • Key handover and tenant installation (verification of the multi-risk home insurance).
  • Lease renewal in compliance with the law.
  • Rent invoicing, reminders, rent revision on due dates.
  • Recovery of rental charges and recoverable taxes from the tenant such as the household waste removal tax.
  • Monthly or quarterly payment of rents to the owner by bank transfer or check with a quarterly management report.
  • Annual declaration.
  • Communication of elements for the property income declaration.
  • Telephone support 6 days a week.


Possibility to subscribe to unpaid rent insurance through us (see below).

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  • Any rent amount:
  • Unpaid rents
  • Recoverable charges
  • Taxes (VAT)
  • Legal fees
  • Eviction procedure costs

  • Tenants who are not up to date with their rent payments at the effective date of membership
  • Non-payment or non-refund of funds received by the property manager, or their agents
  • Units located in buildings declared unfit for habitation or in a state of peril
  • Non-payment of rent resulting from a widespread strike or a decision made by a representative and recognized tenant organization.

    Duration of the guarantee:

  • Unlimited, No waiting period
  • No sum limit
  • Financial losses without deductible.

    Deductible from rental income:

  • 100% of management fees


  • 2.5% VAT included of the rent amount.
    N.B.: SO.CA.F is the Guarantee Fund of the Management Office 26 avenue de Suffren - 75015 PARIS

    5.5% excluding tax
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